词块+佳句+写作模板,高中英语晨背话题系列zerofour 人际关系-【FAENWSI】

高中英语”晨背话题”系列四 个人情况



1.get on/along well with sb.   与某人相处融洽

2.be in harmony with …  与……和谐相处/协调

3.be on good terms with sb.  与某人关系好


4.fit in with  与……相适应、相融洽

5.make friends with sb.  和某人交朋友

6.keep in touch with sb.  与某人保持联系

7.promote friendship with …  增进同……的友谊

8.be ready to help others  乐于助人

9.help sb.out  帮助某人摆脱困境

10.turn to sb.for help  向某人求助

11.be concerned for/about  对……担心

12.care about sb.  关心某人

13.show respect for sb.  尊重某人

14.make an apology to sb.for …  为……向某人道歉

15.trust each other  相互信任

16.improve the relationship  改善关系

17.establish good interpersonal relationships


18.arise from …  由……引起/产生

19.be to blame  (对坏事)负有责任

20.a lack of understanding  缺乏理解

21.feel lonely  感到孤独

22.learn from each other  彼此相互学习

23.communicate with sb.  与某人交流

24.be rude/kind tosb.  对某人无礼/和蔼可亲



1.As far as I’m concerned, to build a good relationship, we should trust each other first.
2.As the old saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”常言道,“患难见真情。”
3.As we all know, making friends can help us establish good interpersonal relationships, and build a harmonious society.众所周知,交友有助于我们建立良好的人际关系,也有利于构建和谐社会。
4.In my opinion, this relationship should be filled with love, care, understanding, and respect, so we can exchange ideas freely and get along well with each other.
5.It was your help and kindness that made my study and life in the UK special and enjoyable.正是你的帮助和关怀让我在英国的学习和生活既特别又快乐。
6.I hope we can keep in touch so that we can communicate with each other to know more about the Chinese and British culture.我希望我们之间能保持联系,这样我们就可以相互交流,从而了解更多的中国和英国的文化。
7.I’m sorry to have quarrelled with you about knocking you down the day before yesterday.I feel that it’s not necessary for me to do that, so I make a sincere apology to you and hope that you will forgive me.



在和谐社会里,人与人之间的互帮互助已构成我们生活中的重要组成部分。下周英国友好学校将来你校访问,你校英语俱乐部将举行一次以“Helping Each Other Makes the World Wonderful”为题的英语演讲比赛。请你以李华的名义用英语写一篇演讲稿。内容要点如下:
3.帮助病人——快乐;  4.帮助别人的体会和感悟。
Helping Each Other Makes the World Wonderful
Helping Each Other Makes the World Wonderful
Hello,everyone.I’m LiHua.Today I am very glad to have the chance to speak about the topic.
Aswe all know, it is an important partof our life to help each other.We can gain more from helping others.For example, we can strengthen our friendship when helping our classmates.We can feel happy when we help old people.And we can take great pleasure when we help patients in hospital.
Ina word, helping others can promote us.So I’m ready to help others in need, and I strongly believe that it will be of great use to build a peaceful and wonderful world.Let’s take action to achieve the good wishes.
Thank you for your listening.



1. identityn.身份;特性,特征;同一(性),一致(性)

2.maintainvt.  维持;维修,保养;坚持

3.sustainableadj. 可持续的

4.sceptical(NAmE skeptical) adj.  怀疑的

5.resemble vt.  相似,类似,看起来像


6.declinev.  拒绝,谢绝;下降

7.clarifyv.  澄清,阐明

8.suspect n.嫌疑犯,嫌疑分子  v.  怀疑

9.adorevt.  爱慕,崇拜

10.reliefn. 缓解,消除;救济;援救

11.privilegen. 特权;特别优待

12.harmonyn. 和谐,协调;和睦,融洽

13.harmoniousadj. 融洽的,和睦的

14.sensitiveadj. 敏感的,容易生气的

15.reasonableadj. 通情达理的,正当的,合理的




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